The lights go down.

The audience goes quiet. 

The curtains go up.

There’s something magical about the exact moment before a film starts to roll. Everything seems possible; your head is swimming with anticipation. Reality – the daily drudgery, the constant struggle – fades away. “This is it,” you think. 

Matti Bye’s music is like a series of these highly charged moments. It makes you lose yourself, it makes you discover yourself. It takes your hand, it sets you free. And it’s damn exciting.  

Extraordinary music such as Bye’s does not fall fully formed from the skies. Since the late eighties Bye has been employed by the Film House in Stockholm (“a hive of film-related activity”) and there he has created, in his own words, a “private world of music”. A somewhat odd career by anyone’s standards, but a very fruitful one – it’s given Bye time to develop his own voice. 

And, as said, what a voice it is. 

The lights go up.

The audience goes home.

The curtains go down. 

When a film stops rolling you – hopefully – keep on thinking about it. Key scenes and choice dialogue from it replays in your heart and soul; you look into a blackened department store window and one of its protagonists stares back at you. “This is me,” you think. 

Matti Bye’s music is like this, as well. It’s a vessel for understanding, a wide-eyed declaration of innermost feelings, a traditional/innovative art form – i.e. deeply personal – yet it’s extremely easy to love and relate to. And you can hum it in the shower, if you’d like. 

So listen to Matti Bye, and hear the best movie you ever saw.

Matti Bye started his career 25 years ago composing and doing live improvisations to silent film and early cinema. Using similar methods and given his special sensitivity and experience of playing face to face in contact to the screen he has now shifted a certain focus giving most attention to contemporary film and tv productions.

This year Bye received several prizes including two nominations and winner of Guldbagge for the music to the Film, Faro, plus the Nordic film music price; Harpa.

“We felt that the themes developments, the choice of a small orchestral ensemble, and the overall emotional counterpoint provided by the music in a movie, in which, voluntarily, there is very little dialogue, wonderfully fills the blanks that are purposely left by the director in the storytelling.

And this magical, emotional alchemy between the music and the images is, after all, what film music is all about", the jury comments about Matti Bye’s winning music.

Matti Bye has also collaborated and written filmscores for Jan Troell, Maria Larsson’s everlasting moments, where he also received a Guldbagge for 2009. Other recently films he made music for is "Pictures from a playground" a documentary about Ingmar Bergman and the comedy "One hundred man that climbed out a window and disappeared" (Centenarian).

He is a Regular performer and composer solo as well as with his ensemble to various silent film festivals and screenings around the world. This a a one of many work methods where Bye can and will continue his ever thirst of exploring new ways of developing the alchemy of sound and images.


2017    Matti Bye – This Forgotten Land (Tona Serenad)
2017    Matti Bye – Superswede (Rotor)
2016    Matti Bye – Elephant made the piano EP (1631 Recordings)
2016    Matti Bye – A Serious Game (Cosmos Music)
2014    Hydras Dream – The Little Match Girl (Denovali)
2014    Matti Bye – Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann
2014    Maiilma – Speculum (Rotor)
2013    Matti Bye – Bethanien (Tona Serenad)
2013    Matti Bye – Faro (Rotor)
2013    Walrus (Electricity Records)
2011    Matti Bye, Mattias Olsson & Martina Hoogland Ivanow –
Elephant & Castle (Kning Disk)
2009    Matti Bye – Drömt (Rotor)
2009    Vinter ‎– Vinter II (Tjärnen)
2008    Matti Bye – Gösta Berlings Saga (Rotor)
2008    Maailma ‎– Noitalauluja (Tjärnen)
2003    Matti Bye – Körlkarlen (Rotor)



2017    Superswede (Henrik Jansson-Schweizer)
2016    Hundraettåringen som smet från notan och försvann (Felix Herngren, Måns Herngren)
2016    Den Allvarsamma Leken (Pernilla August)
2015    Förvaret (documentary)
2013    Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann (Felix Herngren)
2013    Faro (Fredrik Edfelt)
2011    Snigeln (short, Jan Troell)
2011    Bibliotekstjuven (TV series)
2010    Filmen var min älskarinna "…But Film is My Mistress" (documentary about Ingmar Bergman)
2010    Sebbe (Babak Najafi)
2009    Bilder från lekstugan "Images from The Playground" (documentary about Ingmar Bergman)
2009    Elkland (short)
2008    Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick "Everlasting Moments" (Jan Troell)
2008    Mellan oss (short)
2007    Fritt fall (short)
2006    En uppstoppad hund (TV movie)
2006    Quinze (short)
2006    Brevbärarens hemlighet (short)
2005    Krama mig "Love and Happiness" (Kristina Humle)
2005    En god dag "A Good Day" (short)
1999    Vuxna människor (Felix Henrgren)
1998    Homo Sapiens 1900 (documentary by Peter Cohen)
1995    Sista skriket "The Last Gasp" (TV play by Ingmar Bergman)
1924    Gösta Berling Saga "The Saga of Gosta Berling" (Mauritz Stiller)
1922    Häxan "Witchcraft through ages" (restored version: 2006)
1921    Körkarlen "Phantom Carriage" (Victor Sjöström)
1920    Erotikon (Mauritz Stiller)
1919    Herr Arnes Pengar "Sir Arnes´s Treasures" (Mauritz Stiller)
1916    Dödskyssen (short) (restored version: 2002)