Ronnie Peterson nicknamed “Superswede” was the fastest formula 1-driver in the 70s who never became a world champion. In this emotional film we trace Ronnie's life back to where it all started. From the small town of Almby, where he met his beloved Barbro, to the seductive jet-set and glamour of the racing circuits in the Formula 1-circus. They were like fish out of water trying to fit in, in a world of money and fame. Ronnie, just a down to earth working class hero with the looks of a movie star and gifted with a talent for speed. Suddenly he was mingling with the rich and the famous, and the stunning Barbro who always was by his side through all the hardships, when Ronnie challenged the unwritten rules of the game, binding him to unfair contracts and commercial issues. Ronnie's incredible talent eventually takes him to the top, being the fastest driver of them all, but when he stands on the threshold of becoming a true contender for the world championship, fate intervenes one tragic September Sunday at Monza, 1978. A day when Sweden came to a standstill and the entire world held its breath. Starring Nina Kennedy, Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi, Sir Jackie Stewart, Mario Andretti, Jody Scheckter and John Watson among others. With music composed by Matti Bye.

Ronnie. Husband. Father. Icon. He was Superswede.

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