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Early reviews of This Forgotten Land

Early reviews of This Forgotten Land

Here's some early reviews and quotes for my upcoming album 'This Forgotten Land' that will be released November 3rd on Tona Serenad — Pre-orders are now available via Klangbox.

“Spooked slow motion circus mannerisms conjure a mad whirligig at the end of time. Ambient traces of Debussy and Satie inform his piano.” Uncut

“Haunting beautiful and ethereal, this is a wonderful album from a truly distinctive and singular visionary.” Future Music

“His album is a treat. Echoing piano is at its core but there’s a spooked vibe, throughout. Not horror filmic, more like you’d wandered into the past by accident, or come across a derelict building that once used to be alive with voices and laughter. Bye musters his own uncanny musical world, a forgotten land, indeed.” The Arts Desk

“His studio is an analogue world of synths, pianos, celesta, Mellotron and organs, and his music alludes to the strange, romantic mood you get when you hear old merry go rounds, or mechanical instruments in small amusements parks, and abandoned places.” The Wire

“An atmospheric experience.” The Ransom Note

“Channels everything from eerie midways to the manic Swordfishtrombones era of Tom Waits.Self-Titled

“Hushed atmospherics are underpinned by superbly fluid musicality. A work in perpetual evolution, it welcomes you in via meditative, inward citations.” Clash

“Beautiful.” Headphone Commute

"Det är omöjligt att inte göra egna mentala utflykter" Gaffa